LES PETITES PORTES: Advent calendar
Check out our online musical advent calendar with music by Bernard Falaise and video by Nathalie Bujold.
Stéphanie in a workshop at
St-Odile Elementary School
SCHOOL OUTREACH | Ana Sokolović’s music reached new and diverse audiences this autumn as our project ‘Si j’étais…’ continues to evolve. In partnership with Emmanuelle Lizère (Le Vivier), Marc Boivin (dancer), and l’École montréalaise, we made multiple visits to four schools across Montreal, performing music and dance, and guiding the students to write their own pieces inspired by Commedia dell‘arte characters. In-school workshops are the only way for them to have a "cultural outing" right now, and the students were completely on board!
COVID restrictions meant that there was no sharing of instruments, no physical contact, and no public performance of the student pieces. Nevertheless, we explored using movement, body percussion, onomatopoeias, and song. The children's creativity was limitless and after a series of 5 workshops they enthusiastically offered their music and dance creations. We saw the sparkle in their eyes, their feeling of accomplishment, and how they surpassed their own expectations. Even the most recalcitrant were happy to participate in the development of a mini show, and by the end many asked when we could return to their school. Mission accomplished!
Emmanuelle Lizère in a workshop at St-Odile Elementary School
PRIX OPUS | Ana’s vivid music continues to make a splash! We are excited and proud that our CD of her quartet pieces, Short Stories, has been nominated for a Prix Opus this year! To listen, check out the winter sale with our distributor, DAME, along with many striking releases available in their online store.
In rehearsal with Marcelle Hudon
PROJECTS ON THE HORIZON | Music with puppets, Baroque cross-over, CD releases, looking back through the QB vault are all some of our exciting projects to kick off 2021 - so stay tuned to our newsletter, blog, and social media for more details and anecdotes!
In the meantime, we wish you and yours love, peace, joy and health for the holidays and into the new year!  

Clemens, Alissa, Stéphanie, Isabelle
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