Rocks & leaves in the music of JΓΌrg Frey / Birds in the music of Alissa Cheung, inspired by Jean-Paul Riopelle
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THIS THURSDAYΒ  | JΓΌrg Frey: UnhΓΆrbare Zeit
Two IN-PERSON concerts, presented in partnership with Groupe Le Vivier and Festival Suoni Per Il Popolo.

Espace Aline-Letendre – Γ‰glise du GesΓΉ
1200 Bleury St.

10 $ + taxes and fees, online ticketing or at the door. *Limited seating!*

Quatuor Bozzini
Kristie Ibrahim (percussion)
Fabrice Marandola (percussion)
Contemporary music can extend outside of the realm of standard concert instruments, thereby posing the question: what constitutes a musical instrument? JΓΌrg Frey’s UnhΓΆrbare Zeit features several unorthodox objects, painting them in a musical light.

In his performance notes, JΓΌrg explains:
β€œStone slabs, producing sound by stroking a smaller stone against them. The sound should be continuous, hence why the stone slabs must be flat and not too small.”

β€œDry leaves are gently rustled in a bowl with the player’s hands.”

β€œThroughout the entire piece, the sounds range from soft to very soft, often simply like the movement of air;Β precisely coloured spaces of sound and time.”

We are looking forward to this wonderful, in-person collaboration with Kristie Ibrahim and Fabrice Marandola on June 3rd with the music of JΓΌrg Frey, presented in partnership with Suoni Per Il Popolo and Groupe le Vivier. Be sure to secure yourself a ticket as seating is limited!

We are excited that our disc Ana Sokolović: Short Stories has been nominated in two categories (Classical Album of the Year: Solo or Chamber, and Classical Composition of the Year) at this year's JUNO Awards! The music of our friend and colleague Ana Sokolović is close to our hearts and we are happy to have her recognized. Join us this coming Sunday at 8PM EDT to congratulate all the nominees!
What a treat it was to perform Alissa Cheung's "Du Nord" next to the very work by Riopelle that inspired it. Many thanks to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Arte Musica for making this possible!
Clemens, Alissa, StΓ©phanie, Isabelle
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