We're going on holiday, see you next season!
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☀️ Vacation time! ☀️
The QB is going on vacation for a few weeks.

We can't wait to see you next season!
⬆️ This guy's going to be on vacation too!
Many thanks to all of our precious partners who have lent a hand and supported us in unexpected, surprising, even almost improbable projects throughout this season like no other...

Our qb team, who held the fort through the storm: Nicolas Godmaire, Kim Farris-Manning, Geneviève Blais and Ethan Hill. Our production teams: Carl Talbot, Philippe Bouvrette, Lucie Bazzo, Robin Pineda, John Klepko, Frédéric LeBel, James Clemens-Seely, Mathieu Doyon and many others.

Le Vivier + team, who have been particularly active and present for new music artists and with whom we have realised several motivating projects: performances at the Quartier des spectacles in the summer of 2020, concerts and workshops with Emmanuelle Lizère, Marc Boivin and L'École Montréalaise (Chanoine-Joseph-Théorêt, Sainte-Odile, Petite Bourgogne and Alphonse-Pesant elementary schools), TRIP - 20th anniversary concert (livestreams+recording) and finally most recently, Unhörbare Zeit - our first concerts with the public in Montreal this season!

We would like to thank the UBU creation company who generously hosted us throughout the season. Without Denis Marleau, Stéphanie Jasmin, Lina Frattasio, Sylvain Béland and Gabrielle Couillard, everything would have been much more complicated and much less human...

TIME:SPANS (NY), GGRIL (Rimouski), Arte Musica and Salle Bourgie, MNM Festival (SMCQ), MIAM, MaerzMusik Festival (Berlin), Stéphanie Caron and Daniel Johnson High School, New Music Calgary, Birmingham Conservatory, FIMAV, Suoni per il popolo, all of whom, in their own way, pulled off small miracles this year.

Our other long-time partners who have been able to adapt and continue to support us: Dame - ActuelleCD, Diffusion Imédia, Jackie Newbould, and of course the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.

And all the presenters and artists with whom projects are only just beginning!

Finally, thank you to all the wonderful artists, composers and performers who have joined us this year from near and far, and who have filled our musical encounters with possibility: Alvin Lucier, Francis Colpron and Les Boréades (Femke Bergsma, Matthew Jennejohn, Jean-Willy Kunz), Trevor Grahl, Thierry Tidrow, the GGRIL (Éric Normand, Rémy Bélanger de Beauport and a myriad of other fine musicians!), Cassandra Miller, Michael Oesterle, Ana Sokolović, Tanya Tagaq, Alissa Cheung, Jennifer Walshe, Thomas Stiegler, Christopher Butterfield, Marcelle Hudon, Pavla Mano, Csaba Ráduly, Christian Wolff, Björn Nilsson, Jürg Frey, Éliane Radigue, Emanuelle Majeau-Bettez, Seán Clancy, Tom Johnson, Rebecca Bruton, Jason Doell, ACTOR: Robert Hasegawa and Jimmie Leblanc, Hexagram: Mario Côté, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, Frédéric Dallaire, Kristie Ibrahim and Fabrice Marandola, Bryn Harrison, Joël Durand, jef chippewa, Yves Charuest, Nicolas Caloia, Mayke Nas, Sarah Davachi, Alec Hall, Vitali Karagkezidis and Sílvia Lanao Aregay.

Hopefully we haven't forgotten anyone... see you next season!
Return on the 2020-2021 season
On Saturday, August 7th the water will be perfectly calm. We will bathe there with the sounds of the incredible duduk player, Hraïr Hratchian, whose breath will serve as a gateway to rivers with the most colourful backgrounds. Then, with both feet in the water, the warm and colourful rays of Nadah El Shazly will reflect on your souls, to then diffuse unifying scents.

To close this journey, Quatuor Bozzini will make you float from one feeling to another, from familiar comfort to chromatic discomfort. Making waves with the help of the Zoom Out team and the magazine Hors Champ, who provide a scenic backdrop using archive imagery powered by obsolete but necessary 16mm mechanisms. Guiding the continual refreshment of this reunion, with the help of her impeccable ear, Marilou Lyonnais A will offer selections that are as exploratory as they are proven.

This will take place on August 7th at stationnement Éthel, 4000 rue Éthel in Verdun.

Last chance to hear some of our online concerts! Listen to:

TRIP - until June 30

MaerzMusik Jürg Frey - until June 30

Lachrimae - until August 15
Clemens, Alissa, Stéphanie, Isabelle
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