An inside look at the music of Jürg Frey; Juno nominations...
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Photo: Caroline Perron
An Inside Look: The Music of Jürg Frey

Playing the music of Jürg Frey is a marathon requiring power and endurance. Similar to trapeze artists, we practice a high-flying sport, despite the low speed (although we must still monitor the tension accumulated by our trapeze...). After sculpting the sound, we surrender ourselves as the resistance makes room for fluidity and breath.

For the past couple weeks, we have been working with Jürg to prepare for the premiere of his new piece. We connected in real time using a broadcasting software with stereo sound: he, in Aarau (and on our screen!) and we, in a studio in Montréal. We were so far, yet so close to one another. He spoke to us of sounds of nature (the breeze, the crackling, the leaves, the ice) and of human sounds (the voice, conversation). His piece navigates memory and perception through vast sound landscapes. We are excited to premiere his String Quartet No. 4 at the MaerzMusik Festival in Berlin in this original video concert. The first event will take place on the 25th of March at 8pm (CET) or 2pm (EDT) and the video will subsequently be available on MaerzMusik's website until the 30th of June 2021.
About String Quartet No.4:

Audible and inaudible durations appear partly simultaneously and partly consecutively. They give the piece lucidity and transparency, as well as materiality and solidity. There are sometimes almost spatial or bodily decisions to achieve a balance of the material, of the feeling for the piece, and of the compositional technique, and to create, from an initial idea of something limitless - a music with energy and breath.
Attention: tidal wave of online concerts 🌊

We have dedicated the last few weeks to the preparation of several online concerts. They will all be available for several weeks and you will have plenty of time to listen in!
MaerzMusik: Quatuor Bozzini - Jürg Frey
Virtual release Thursday March 25 at 8pm (CET) or 2pm (EDT)

Entrance is free or by voluntary donation.

For the past few weeks, we have been preparing to present the world premiere of Jürg Frey's Quartet No.4. Recorded at Agora du Cœur des Sciences de l'UQAM in collaboration with Nicolas Godmaire, Robin Pineda Gould (video), Ricardo Morejon (sound) and Lucie Bazzo (lighting design).
MaerzMusik: Éliane Radigue - Occam Delta XV for String Quartet
Virtual release Thursday March 25

Entrance is free or by voluntary donation.

In collaboration with Le Vivier, Emanuelle Majeau-Bettez, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier et l'UQAM, we have created a binaural audio version of the piece recorded at l'Église du Gesù. Read this blog post to learn more about our binaural experimentation.
Photos: Caroline Perron, Éliane Radigue recording session
MaerzMusik: Timepiece
Virtual release Saturday March 27, 8pm (CET) or 2pm (EDT) – Sunday March 28, 12pm (CET) or 6pm (EDT)

Entrance is free or by voluntary donation.

With musicians and artists from all over the globe, we will participate in this unique 27-hour-long event based on BBC's Speaking Clock. For the occasion, Michael Oesterle has written a new piece for us, Consolations harmoniques.
Virtual release Saturday, March 27 at 2:30pm (EDT)

Available on-demand thru April 10 2021


Thanks to a commission from the Arte Musica Foundation, we are proud to present a new work by Alissa Cheung, violinist and member of the quartet! Du nord is inspired by bird migrations and the representations of geese in Riopelle's paintings. The program also includes works by Simon Martin, Tanya Tagaq, Betsy Jolas and Erik Satie. This concert is presented by Salle Bourgie in conjunction with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' exhibition Riopelle: The Call of Northern Landscapes and Indigenous Cultures.
JUNO Nomination
We are thrilled to announce that our album Ana Sokolović: Short Stories, published in the Collection QB, has been nominated at this year's JUNO Awards (Classical Album of the Year: Solo or Chamber). One of the works on the record, Commedia dell'arte, is also in the running for the Classical Composition of the Year.
Looking forward to seeing you at one of these virtual events!

Clemens, Alissa, Stéphanie, Isabelle
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