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Launch of Eliane Radigue: Occam Delta XV on Collection QB
January 24

I was very honoured to receive this request from Quatuor Bozzini, whose immense talent I already knew. The first meeting was very warm, friendly and familiar, like a reunion of old friends after a long separation.

-Eliane Radigue

Thus began the collaboration between Quatuor Bozzini and Eliane Radigue. In the hospitable atmosphere of her apartment, the composer conveyed the intricacies of her sound to QB. Her entire career, Radigue has been dedicated to building a body of work in which, from long sustained tones, microbeats between frequencies emerge. Radigue transmitted Occam Delta XV (2018) to QB—the dedicatee of the piece—through an oral composition process which, given Radigue's experience with electronic instruments, was the most natural way of communicating.

Playing Occam Delta XV, for QB, is like jumping in a lake when you know the water might be cold. At every performance, Radigue’s music is akin to water: always in movement, yet always somehow the same. As the present recordings of Occam Delta XV  testify, each performance of the piece offers a different musical experience.
The two subtly different interpretations were recorded over two nights of live performance at the Panthéon in Paris - that great temple of the French nation - in November 2021, in the presence of the composer.

The encounter between QB and Radigue points to the challenging nature of auditory availability, between meditation and hyperconsciousness, in Radigue’s music. Yet, as one may experience while listening to this album, such acute awareness transfers to all listeners of Radigue’s music: Radigue’s sound holds the potential to shake expectations regarding performance, listening, and music making.

Available January 24th on Bandcamp and Actuelle CD

Here is a foretaste:

Quatuor Bozzini joue Éliane Radigue au Panthéon - Son : Stephan Schmidt - Vidéo : Gilles Paté
In March 2024, Quatuor Bozzini will be teaching « Chamber Futures » for the Britten Pears Young Artist Program at Snape Maltings, UK. The applications are now open until February 16th, 2023.

Designed to challenge and explore what it means to be a chamber ensemble in the 21st century, this course will help ensembles develop their contemporary performance practice, meet other ambitious ensembles and receive coaching and masterclasses from some of the world’s most experienced contemporary chamber musicians. In addition to support with existing repertoire, every ensemble will receive a new 5 minute work specially commissioned from a BPYAP alumni composer which will be workshopped and performed during the week. This course is for existing ensembles comprising of strings, wind, piano, percussion and brass and minimum 3 and maximum 6 musicians, that have been formed for at least 2 years with interest in new music.


Four in one - the Quatuor Bozzini is a single instrument that vibrates, breathes, and deploys a sound palette sometimes similar to that of a huge accordion, and which is sure to leave its mark on the imagination. For this particular program, we propose three works that explore the liminal potential of sound. An evening filled with the distorted, elusive sounds of Alexandre David’s Quatuor à cordes no 1; the spacious, open harmonies of Alissa Cheung’s Du nord - inspired by the powerful beauty of migratory birds and the works of Jean Paul Riopelle; and the borderline sounds of Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard’s Colliding Bubbles (surface tension and release), in which the string quartet splits into two and also becomes a quartet of harmonicas. As with every Quatuor Bozzini concert, this performance promises to open up a space for sharing, where strange but beautiful sounds are played with an overwhelming intensity of interpretation.
Copresented with Le Vivier.

January 29 7:30pm
Espace orange – Édifice Wilder
1435, rue de Bleury, 1st floor
Montréal (Québec)
H3A 2H7
European tour in January

The Quatuor Bozzini will be touring Europe (Germany, Denmark and Iceland) in January for 8 concerts, a recording and a masterclass. Follow our tour on our social networks (in the banner at the end of the email), don't hesitate to subscribe!

18.01 Katarakt Festival - Hamburg, Germany
19.01 Katarakt Festival - Hamburg, Germany
20.01 Katarakt Festival - Hamburg, Germany

22.01 ALICE -Copenhagen, Denmark
24.01 Dark Music Days : The future ones - Reykjavik, Iceland
25.01 Dark Music Days : In a Large Open Space - Reykjavik, Iceland
25.01 Dark Music Days : QB plays Radigue - Reykjavik, Iceland

All our projects are possible thanks to the financial support of our public partners, our artistic collaborators and presenters, and also to you, our dear audience.

Creation residencies, commissions, recordings, multidisciplinary projects, creation workshops (via the Composer's Kitchen, the Bozzini Lab, the Performer's Kitchen), educational workshops in primary and secondary schools, CEGEPs as well as universities, all benefit from this financial support.

Quatuor Bozzini is a registered charity and you will receive a receipt for your donation. Thank you for helping us bring these creative projects to life!


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