New album release and upcoming free live-stream concert
Image: Melanie Ouellette
February 21, 2021
7:30PM EST, 4:30PM PST

We are so excited to share this new music with you in a
free live-streamed concert, co-produced in partnership with the Montreal/New Music Festival/10th Edition (2021) - Beyond Borders. Quatuor Bozzini will join musicians from Les Boréades de Montréal on baroque instruments for the occasion!
Freely inspired by Renaissance astronomy and stellar movements, the program is at the antipodes of time. Dowland's seven Lachrymæ pavanes, one of the 17th century's great successes, intertwines with the premiere of works by young Canadian composers Trevor Grahl and Thierry Tidrow. These new short compositions revolve around Dowland's pavanes, taking you from one musical planet to another.  
  • Nova (2020-21), Thierry Tidrow *premiere
  • Lachrimæ, or Seven Teares (1604), John Dowland (excerpts)
  • Ephemerides (2020-21), Trevor Grahl *premiere
  • Supernova (2020-21), Thierry Tidrow *premiere
We have a new treat for you this Bandcamp Friday (all proceeds from purchases made on Bandcamp this Feb. 5 go to the artists in full) - check out our new album Alvin Lucier: Navigations - hot off the press!
"... the members of Quatuor Bozzini demonstrate colossal skill and endurance. Music lovers who take in these horizontal musical beams will savour their depth with great pleasure."
-PAN M 360, Québec (translated)
We hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. We look forward to sharing music with you this month, wherever you may be!


Clemens, Alissa, Stéphanie, Isabelle
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